Like what you see? To watch more video about Q please click here
Like what you see? To watch more video about Q please click here


Young People


Who want to realise their potential   


Who want better wellbeing   


Who want to feel more in control of their lives   



Who want to give their kids a lifelong advantage   


Who want to equip their kids with the tools to not just manage but thrive   


Who want their kids to use
their phones for a positive purpose 



Which are innovative   


Which are passionate about pupil wellbeing   


Which are passionate about realising pupil potential   

Q is a smart and inspiring digital service to help young people transform their wellbeing and realise their potential.

It is a precision, safe, secure, scientifically validated and fully automated life coaching app for the personal and private use of 12 to 18 year olds.


Q takes 40 years of research and practice in wellbeing, self-awareness and personal performance, which helps business leaders and elite sports stars perform under pressure, and puts it in their smartphone.


Q shows them how to play to their strengths and how to change their behaviour to better manage tricky situations.  Q helps them manage stress, homework, revision and exams, build confidence, think about careers, manage relationships and much more.


It provides inspiration, direction and control.

How we see life

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You Are Unique
The Truth About Education
Brain Development & Learning
What Is Confidence
What Impacts Confidence
The Way To Build Confidence
The Truth About Careers
Stress And How To Cope With It

In the words of our teenage users…