About Us

Quintillion Cognitive Technologies is a British technology business whose mission is to realise the potential and transform the wellbeing of everyday people using the benefits of psychology and technology.


The business was conceived in 2015 as the brainchild of the three co-founders, Dr Steve Glowinkowski, Emer O’Donnell and Jonathan Watmough, and was incorporated in April 2017.





Dr Steve Glowinkowski is a leading British psychologist whose life’s work has been the study of what successful people do differently, first in academia and then working for and consulting to some of the world’s leading companies.


Over 40+ years of using and developing tried and tested psychological measurement and behavioural management tools and techniques, Dr Glowinkowski has proved that it is not who you are that matters, but how you behave and that how you behave is a personal choice – that with the right insights and steering, everyone can learn to change their behaviour to get the best out of themselves and promote their wellbeing and personal performance.


But the science also shows that those with good wellbeing and personal fulfilment have learned a crucial life skill – probably one of the most crucial:  they have learned to become very good at managing their own behaviour.


The vast majority of people have figured out when and how to play to their behavioural strengths, but they are let down by certain behavioural blindspots in those trickier situations when they are outside their comfort zone.  And they might well pay a high price for this in terms of adverse impact on both their wellbeing and their performance – an example would be that someone who is naturally outgoing, direct and assertive might seem to be the life and soul of the party, but the flip side is they might struggle to listen and this can lead to difficulty in forming good relationships.


Whereas the science shows that regardless of age, intellect, circumstance or upbringing, those with good wellbeing and personal fulfilment do things differently.  They too have figured out their comfort zone – when and how to play to their natural behavioural strengths.  But crucially they also know and understand their behavioural blindspots, and they have learned the flexibility to be able to manage those blindspots when life gets trickier for them outside their comfort zone.  This is the wellbeing and performance zone.  This is what successful people do differently.  Taking our example of someone who is naturally outgoing, direct and assertive, they can become good at forming high quality relationships by learning to flex these tendencies when necessary to be more reserved, concerned and accepting with others.



Why Quintillion was conceived


Sounds easy?  It can be … if you know how.   And anyone can learn how.


So, why hasn’t everyone been taught how?


Psychology is the science of the mind, especially behaviour, and the world revolves around it – from what drives Donald Trump’s incessant tweeting on one end to everyday human interactions at the other.


But the primary focus of psychologists has been on behavioural problems.  They have not made their science relevant, or accessible, to everyday lives.


Whereas, for decades, top level business, the military and professional sport have been quietly employing consultants like Dr Glowinkowski at significant expense to help them use positive psychology to improve wellbeing and drive personal and team performance.


This privileged elite has learned the crucial life skill of when and how to manage their own behaviour.  They have harnessed and channelled the immense power of their own minds.


Quintillion’s mission is to level the playing field and bring these transformational benefits to everyday lives for the first time



What Quintillion has done


Quintillion has taken Dr Glowinkowski’s tried and tested tools and techniques, combined them with co-founder Emer O’Donnell’s coaching expertise and has used technology to repurpose, automate and democratise them for the 21st Century.


Quintillion has created an entirely automated artificial intelligence platform, distributed through the convenience of an app called Q, to help 12-18 year olds realise their potential and resolve their everyday wellbeing problems using the keyhole surgical precision of psychological science.


It is not about reactive counselling or applying after-the-event temporary relief such as mindfulness to ameliorate symptoms.


It is about using precision psychological measurement, analytics and diagnostics, followed up with coaching techniques, to proactively equip young people with the insights and tools to enable them to think for themselves, articulate and solve their day-to-day problems.


Q is procured for the young person by their parent or their school or college, but it is private, personal and bespoke to the young person.  It is their personal life coach and guide alongside them throughout their teenage journey.


Q does this by taking the young person on a familiar learning journey from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence but for an unfamiliar and transformational purpose – to enable them to be in control of and channel their own behaviours.



Q’s product development journey


Q’s psychological measurement, analytics and diagnostic tools were first developed by Steve Glowinkowski in the mid-1990s and since then he has used them to profile over 25,000 senior business executives and 2,000+ teenagers.


Incorporating those tools, Q’s development cycle has been 3+ years:

About the Company


Quintillion Group Limited owns and operates the business, and was incorporated in England and Wales on 28 April 2017 as a private company limited by shares under number 10746518.


The Company is managed, controlled and 70+% owned by the three co-founders and the remainder of the executive team, with the balance of the shares held by private investors.